Why Home Security Should Always Be A Priority!

Technology has given us many amazing things and a residential home security system is one of them. It has allowed the average person the ability to simply, effectively, and quickly install and secure our homes. With many home based businesses, this is not a luxury, rather a necessity.

Security is one of the top concerns that every homeowner has. Times have changed and the need for security has changed as well. Too often we only think of our security and the security of our family after something has happened to us, friends, family members, or neighbors. The need to properly equip our homes with alarms and security systems has never been greater. People take proactive approaches to most things in their life. However in our home security, we often fail to plan for the unexpected, the safety and security of our family and possessions.

Your home is your safe haven, and it should always be kept that way. You never want to feel unsafe in your home. Why take the chance of losing that feeling of invincibility and security due to the lack of preparation. Your home should be the singular place that your family, children, and friends can come to when the world feels unsafe.

The facts are simple and people must wake up to it. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of criminal activities in most US states, including robbery, burglary and hold-ups. We must understand the times when our homes are most vulnerable and what it is we can do to prevent us from being a statistic. Let’s first look at the risk areas:

Burglaries and home invasions can happen at any time. However statistics show us:

• Most break-ins occur between the hours of 10am and 3pm. For many homeowners and renters, this fact shocks them. When break-ins are thought of, it is under the “cover of darkness.” Fact is, intruders do not necessarily want a confrontation, they want your items. They will do so when they think no one is at home, usually at work.

• Most break-ins occur right at the front door! 34% of all break-ins occur right at the front door. Next 23% of break ins occur through first floor windows. 22% of break-ins occur on the first floor backdoor. 9% enter through a garage. Why? They will pick an entry to the home that allows them to stay inconspicuous. Often times vulnerability occurs at the places that people think less of. People often fear their child’s second story window. You must secure that area for sure, however it is the common areas that are chosen and these are the areas that are most neglected, security speaking.

According to the FBI, home break-ins occur every 13 seconds. As economical times become more trying, these statistics are not going to decrease, they will only increase. The fact is police and law enforcement are not adept at preventing break-ins, it is simply impossible. The homeowner is the one who has the control, with the power of wireless home security alarm systems or traditional alarm and security systems. That is the greatest deterrent of them all.

Here are a few more statistics to prove the need of a wireless home security alarm systems and/or traditional residential home security:

• 2.5 million homes are broken into every year.

• ONLY 17% of all homes have any kind of residential home security system.

• 1 out of 3 residential break-ins result in assault.

• Criminals are not just stealing property when they break in, they are stealing identity as well.

• 85% of all break ins are done by “non” professionals. Meaning, it increases the danger level to the resident.

Statistics and facts can go on for pages. The question becomes; Are you one of the 83% of homes in America without a residential home security system? The time to take action is now. How do you safely, securely, and economically prepare you home with a wireless home security alarm system or another type of alarm and security system? There are solutions!

Your house and property may have many different alarm and security needs, and you need effective solutions. Those solutions for residential home security can come as wireless home security alarm systems or the more traditional alarms and security systems. The time is now to be proactive not reactive.

Skylink Home Security Systems Review

Security systems are of utmost importance nowadays. For homeowners and offices, safeguarding valuable possessions is of great importance. Recent technological advancement presents us much freedom when it comes to alarm systems, making reliable basic security accessible to everyone.

Skylink is famous in home security systems and produces do-it-yourself security systems loaded with outstanding functionality that’s good for your home or office. They offer a comprehensive selection of home security solutions which includes wireless alarms, home security, control panels, emergency dialers, door sensors, window sensors, garage sensors, and other equivalent products.

Skylink wireless alarm systems deliver comprehensive home protection, which are very easy to setup. Skylink offer 3 different systems to reinforce various home sizes and budgets, namely the SC-10 Basic system, SC-100 Deluxe system, and the SC-1000 Complete system. Each system can be improved to carry extra motion sensors, door/window sensors, and various other Skylink security accessories. The wireless capability of each can range to100 feet which would normally do for most homes and comes with a piercing 110 decibel siren.

The Skylink SC-10 Security System Basic Kit is an excellent basic security system for those on tight finances. The system is incorporated with an audio alarm and 2 window/door sensors, yet up to 15 Skylink security accessories can be attached to this system, such as motion sensors and additional door/window sensors, and comes with a 2 key chain remote transmitters. This is a good start-up security system for small homes with lots of opportunity for a system upgrade.

The Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe kit is a high-quality wireless alarm system for small to medium size residences that’s easy to setup. This includes a motion sensor, two window/door sensors, a control box, and a remote control to activate/deactivate the alarm. You can connect up to 30 Skylink security accessories to the system including additional motion sensors, door/window sensors, or an auto dialer. Priced under $120, this system delivers exceptional value for money.

The Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System is an outstanding wireless burglar alarm solution for residential homes at a modest price. The package comes with a control panel, one motion detector sensor, two door/window sensors, a key chain transmitter, and an emergency auto-dialer. The included auto-dialer can dial up to 9 numbers when the alarm is triggered. The control panel can work with up to 30 Skylink accessories. It also features a rolling-code technology for additional security.

Purchasing a New Home Security Alarm for Your Home

Home security has become one of the most important problems for homeowners all around the world. The steady increase in the number of crimes being committed each day has resulted in the requirement of a robust system of alarms that can alert the residents of the house in the case of any trespassing or an emergency situation. Modern home land systems are equipped with the latest technology, which enables them to secure a person’s home entirely from outside as well as inside threats.

These systems are very capable devices for protecting one’s home but they do with a hefty price tag. Therefore, the decision of buying or purchasing a new alarm for your home is one that needs to be made very carefully. Any hasty decision-making can result in you investing your money in buying a system that you do not even require. Here are some tips that can come in handy when purchasing a new security alarm for your home.

Search the Internet

The internet has become a great medium of search for the people in the last few years. You can find any and every thing on the internet with ease nowadays. When looking for purchasing a new security alarm system for your home, searching the internet is a very good option to use. Find out the names of the companies that provide the best alarm system online and visit their websites. You can learn a lot of useful stuff about the companies from their website like the services they provide and the prices they charge for them. Thus, when you want to purchase a new home security system for your home, remember to search online.

Ask the Opinion of your Friends and Neighbours

Asking the advice of friends and neighbours that have a security system put in place in their homes can help you in purchasing a good security system for your home. People who have prior experience of buying a security alarm can offer useful advice about the best companies and security systems, which can aid you in your search for a new system. Moreover, they can also tell you about the stores or places from where you can buy the security systems on discount. Therefore, do ask the opinion of friends and neighbours when buying a new alarm system for your home.

Interview the Local Security Alarm Providers

Security Systems need to be installed properly for them to provide effective security to the homeowners. Getting a local security system’s provider can help you in the installation of the home security system. The local providers know about the locality and the requirements as well and can provide you good advice about the security features that you need to have in your security alarm system. Thus, it is best to interview the local providers of security alarm systems before purchasing a new security alarm system for your home.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you a lot in finding a top class home land security alarm system for your home.